LET'S PLAY portrays creative Switzerland by bringing together a hundred talents representing both the generational and regional diversity of the Swiss cultural landscape today.

Artists, architects and designers are invited to a portrait session that takes place in two stages. First there is the portrait in the studio. Then the guests become players! They have 30 minutes to create a construction that incorporates 3 wooden building blocks received from the previous player. The photo of the construction together with the portrait(s) create a diptych.

The game’s wooden blocks are more than merely incidental; they are among the very oldest known play items and as such are richly evocative of childhood for all of us.

creator of LET'S PLAY & art director Christiane Nill

photographer Lionel Henriod

assistants David Amaral / Charles Froté / Laetitia Gessler / Victoria Loesch / Jonathan Roessel

all images LET'S PLAY : © Christiane Nill & Lionel Henriod

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