Studio mc² works in the fields of

- photography (architecture, portraits & stills)
- art direction
- visual communication (print & digital)
- iconography & picture editing
- portfolio reviews & creative teaching

The creative mind behind studio mc² is photographer and art director


I currently work and live with my family in Lausanne, Switzerland

Studying first telecommunications in Munich, I enjoyed working in the Unites States, United Kingdom and Italy. When personal circumstances brought me to Lausanne, I decided to give my professional life a new impulse. I graduated with a diploma in photography from the Applied Art school in Vevey (CEPV) studying with some of the world’s most inspiring photographers.

Between 2002 -2009, I worked as picture editor for various Swiss life style magazines acquiring skills such as creative direction, editing and production of fashion, beauty, still life and interior editorials.

My site dedicted to photography is


photographers Daniela et Tonatiuh, Matthieu Gafsou, David Gagnebin-de-Bons, Lionel Henriod, Alban Kakulya, Loan Ngyuen, Yann Mingard, Germinal Roaux, David Wagnières, Cédric Widmer

Chantal Michel, Marcel Maeder

graphic designers
Flavia Cocchi, Nicolas Robel,

journalists Joan Billing, Samuel Eberli, Susanna Koeberle,
Patricia Lunghi, Géraldine Morand, Maxime Pégatoquet, Florence Schmidt, Sylvie Ulmann

art galleries & cultural organisations
Festival Images Vevey,
Imaginaid Galerie, kissthedesign, Le panier culturel, Musée Historique Lausanne, Musée Suisse de Jeu, Présence Suisse, Visarte Vaud, vfg selection

editors Till Schaap edition, Genoud,

+41 76 572 8942