wednesday 16 december 2009

Alphabet book of contemporary comic strips

Comics. Another box that brings us to the letter U. With its 2wBOX collection, B.ü.L.b comix publishings patiently build an impressive panorama of contemporary comic strips art (or maybe simply contemporary art). Their last edition, immutably packaged in a matchbox containing mini-comics in the form of accordions "leporellos", lets us discover Judith Zaugg and Cyril Chapuisat from Switzerland, Julie Morstad from Canada, Arne Bellstorf from Germany (Hambourg) and Kinpro from Japan. The chimney will be happy ! And in addition the letter V is already in the starting blocks.


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monday 30 november 2009

Two Swiss went east

Art books. In 2002, while Europe was opening to the East, Yann Mingard and Alban Kakulya went for one month and a half to take pictures of waning frontiers. By following a track of 1,600 kilometers (one started on the banks of the North Sea and the other on the Baltic), they have produced a major geopolitical report, alternating breathtaking landscapes and portraits of inhabitants that are close to be considered as anthropologic. Seven years later, the book East of a new Eden (320 p., 150 pictures, edited by Lars Müller Publishers) shows masterly this epic adventure.

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thursday 05 november 2009

Recycle to create

Action. On the occasion of the extension of the exhibition «Détournements mineurs» devoted to the Swiss artist Marcel Maeder (until December 19, 2009), we invite you to bring to the Imaginaid gallery plastic toys and cosmetics that you do not use anymore.

Kinder Toys and Barbie dolls not any longer in fashion and even a bit battered, stale cream jars and tubes of dried-up lipsticks  ... all these waste products we are interested in and they will be recycled later into works of art.

The collection starts Tuesday, November 17.
The first 50 will receive a small gift.

Imaginaid Galerie,
rue des Grottes 28, Geneva

monday 21 september 2009

Marcel Maeder «Détournements mineurs»

Exhibition. The artist Marcel Maeder loves walking in urban areas to gather flowers. He then photocopies them in order to recreate bouquets at his convenience. During the time of the exhibition, Imaginaid gallery is invaded by 12 000 flowers not unlike Tim Burton's enchanting movie Big Fish. Welcome to a world where dolls become tapestries, lace is homemade and the universe of Marcel is under glass.

From september 25th until november 20th, 2009

The Vernissage will take place on thursday 24th of september at 18h30 in the presence of the artist.

Imaginaid Galerie, l'art d'être concerné, rue des Grottes 28, Geneva,

tuesday 23 jun 2009

Marcel Maeder in his studio

Shooting.  First séries of portraits of Marcel Maeder by Cédric Widmer ...