monday 13 december 2010

The photo-portraits of Sybille Stoeckli

Come and discover the mini-frames by the designer Sybille Stoeckli (, a perfect idea to make art with your passport photos.

Until December 23rd, 2010

Imaginaid galerie, rue des Grottes 28, Geneva,

thursday 09 december 2010

Beautiful scarfs by Laure Paschoud

Beautiful like the scarfs recently designed by the French artist Daniel Buren. At our market, we propose a serie of home made and high quality scarfs by textil designer Laure Paschoud (

Until December 23rd, 2010

Imaginaid Galerie, rue des Grottes 28, Geneva,

wednesday 08 december 2010

Opening night B.ü.L.b comics

The constellation of alternative comics brings out its volume W. Always stored in a cardboard box folded by hand and stamped ditto, the 2W Box contains, for the 23rd letter of the aphabet, contributions by the Israeli Rutu Modan, the Chinese Chihoi, the Americans Lloyd Dangle and Andy Rementer, and the Swiss Alexandre Joly.

The entire collection (from C to W) is available during the event 
«Un Noël sur Terre».

Opening Thursday, December 16th from 6.00 pm

Imaginaid gallery, 28 rue des Grottes, Geneva. More information under: and

tuesday 07 december 2010

Some really cool postcards

Come and discover the postcards from the photographer Germinal Roaux (, a little piece of the big puzzle about boys and girls all over the world.

Until December 23rd, 2010

Imaginaid Galerie, rue des Grottes 28, Geneva,

monday 06 december 2010

Heidi's jewels

To begin this week, discover the rings designed by Heidi Roethlin, which can be seen at the Christmas market "Un Noël sur Terre" in the Imaginaid Galerie.

from December 4th to 23rd, 2010

Imaginaid Galerie, rue des Grottes 28, Geneva,

wednesday 01 december 2010

A Moose for Christmas

Each day, discover one of the objects presented at our Christmas Market called "Un Noël sur Terre". Today, the Moose, a fabulous beast photographed by Lionel Henriod (

from December 4th to 23rd, 2010

Imaginaid Gallery, rue des Grottes 28, Geneva,

Wednesday, Friday & Saturday: 14h30 - 18h30,
Thursday: 13h30 -19h30

saturday 27 november 2010

Annabelle meets Chantal

Magazin. Two great ladies meet. David Wagnières' photos of Chantal Michel's castle are wonderfully layouted in annabelle.

tuesday 16 november 2010

The unique memory of David

Book. First monograph of David Gagnebin-de Bons, De mémoire includes 20 photographs, where each image relates to a specific text. By confronting image and text, he creates a third object, «a tribute to the personal and subjective "small pictures of the great photography", to beloved anonymous and to living or dead masters».

De mémoire, Editions Centre de la photographie Genève & Filigranes Editions.  More information

monday 15 november 2010

A Christmas on Earth

Store. On the occasion of upcoming Christmas, Imaginaid gallery and mc2 will create an ephemeral store presenting goods from thirty photographers, graphic and industrial designers, stylists and ceramists.

The spirit of Christmas will be present with a tree, an apparition of the Virgin, the presence of an elan escaped from Santa's sleigh and cookies for children.

There will not be necessarily for everyone, so come early.

With: Brico-jardin, B.ü.L.b comics, Dadadum, Maïté Gendotti, David Gagnebin-de Bons, Matthieu Gafsou, GPS prod, Sébastien de Haller, Lionel Henriod, Steeve Iuncker, Alban Kakulya, Peter Larsen, Karen Lacroix, Marcel Maeder, Olga Fabrizio, Hubert Méan, Yann Mingard, Keiko Morimoto, Charlotte Nordin, Laure Paschoud, Christian Pauchon, Nathalie Raïs, Germinal Roaux, Heidi Roethlin, Sybille Stoeckli, Ultra, Cédric Widmer ...
In collaboration with les Enfants Terribles, Geneva.

from December 4th to 23rd, 2010

Imaginaid Gallery
, rue des Grottes 28, Geneva,

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 14h30-18h30
Thursday: 13h30-19h30

wednesday 06 october 2010


Magazin. The cinema loft from Lausanne photographed by David Gagnebin-de-Bons and Benoît Pointet in Wohnrevue ...

thursday 23 september 2010

Un Jeudi sur Terre II – New Landscapes

Exhibition. Seasonal rendez-vous presenting news works of the artists represented by Imaginaid gallery and mc2. After the first and very successful Un Jeudi sur Terre taking place in March 2010, this new exhibition will focus on contemporary landscapes.

Opening, Thursday, October 7th, 2010 from 18.30

Landscapes untouched, prohibited, undefined. Through this second edition Un Jeudi sur Terre, Marcel Maeder offers you a walk in a pristine turf of paper flowers, Alban Kakulya came back from Greenland with the confirmation that the world is really changing; Yann Mingard discovers unsuspected territories, Matthieu Gafsou and Cédric Widmer attached themselves to cultural spaces that are the prerogative of everyone, and no one in particular.

The landscape is a quest, a memory of the retina, the assurance of regeneration.
These new landscapes are an opportunity to travel inside yourself.

Exhibition from October 8th to November 27th, 2010

Imaginaid Gallery,

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 14h30-18h30
Thursday: 13h30-19h30

monday 20 september 2010

Espaces contemporains

Magazin. David Wagnières photos of Chantal's castle published in espaces contemporains ....

16 may 2010

Comeback to Kalahari

Exhibition. Seduced by Africa, the Italian photographer Nicola Lo Calzo unveils contemporary portraits of the Bushmen of the Kalahari, one of the most ancient peoples of mankind.

Exhibition from May 7th to June 18th, 2010

Imaginaid Gallery, 28 rue des Grottes, Geneva, Switzerland,

Hours: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 14h30-18h30
Thursday: 13h30-19h30 / By appointment at any other time.

monday 26 april 2010

Rock your dreams

Exhibition. From May 7th to June 24th, 2010, photographers Matthieu Gafsou, Germinal Roaux and Cédric Widmer show their fine art prints at AART, Art Gallery Saatchi & Saatchi Switzerland.

Matthieu Gafsou, received the 2009 HSBC price for his series called Surfaces, seeking traces of humanity behind Tunisian unfinished villas or living quarters barricaded against the outside world; Germinal Roaux, photographer and filmmaker, documents since a long time todays teenagers, from Lausanne to Mexico City, with leitmotifs as serious as "Cool Kids can't die" or "Fire Me"; magnificent portraitist who loves playing with appearances; Cedric Widmer returns home after his Japanese honeymoon with images of impressive strangeness, capturing the magic of the moment.

All three of them are together on show at the AART, each of them issuing a special invitation to live your dreams or ... to break others.

Artists:, and

Opening reception, Thursday, May 6, 2010, from 18h

AART (by Saatchi & Saatchi), rue Jacques Dalphin 15, Carouge

Hours: Monday - Friday:  14h-17h /By appointment at any other time

tuesday 30 march 2010


Exhibition. The next exhibition organized by the Galerie de la Ferme de la Chapelle is called Luxuriances. Another opportunity to see a large scale mural installation by Marcel Maeder: tens of thousands of photocopied paper flowers. In a profusion of colors and blooms most diverse, Luxuriances features five artists who reinterpret nature in their own way.

Opening, Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 at 18:00
Exhibition from April 14th to May 16th, 2010

Galerie de la Ferme de la Chapelle
39, route de la Chapelle, 1212 Grand-Lancy

Additional information under

saturday 06 march 2010

A thursday on earth

Exhibition. mc² & Imaginaid Gallery are pleased to invite you to discover their artists on the occasion of the exhibition A thursday on earth.

Opening, Thursday, March 25th, 2010 from 18.30

Whether Matthew Gafsou questioning the authenticity of an illusory world full homogenization, Alban Kakulya and Yann Mingard pushing the boundaries of a Europe still in search of identity or Nicolas Robel offering a few strokes of freedom in a public space increasingly polished, they are nine artists and photographers to witness the realities that exist not only in their minds, nine heads turned hopefully not all in the same direction.

Exhibition from March 26th to April 24th, 2010

Imaginaid Gallery, 28 rue des Grottes, Geneva, Switzerland,

Hours: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 14h30-18h30
Thursday: 13h30-19h30 / By appointment at any other time.

tuesday 12 january 2010

Monsieur mathieu watches TV

Exhibition. Today's television is an unforgiving universe. To illustrate the ever more oppressive image and more particularly that of the small screen in our world, the TV series of Mathieu Bernard-Reymond experiments "the combination of two very different materials: the rough and coarse TV screens shots and the sharper image of backgrounds photographed in the traditional manner". The result is digitally abyssal images and a real reflection on the position to adopt vis-à-vis a bulimic media landscape.

From january 17th until march 14th 2010, at Photoforum Pasquart in Bienne ( and